$150K Settlement Offer Turns Into $4M Verdict in Med Mal Case

Patients typically trust their doctors and expect that they will provide the best care possible. They are human, however, and sometimes make mistakes. If that happens, they would be expected to own up to it and then do whatever they can to fix the mistake. In the case of Lloyd Bell’s client, she suffered a…

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$8.9M Verdict After $25K Offer in Drunk Driving Collision

Driving home one rainy evening changed Khail Parris’ client’s life forever when an oncoming vehicle suddenly veered into his lane and struck him head-on. The injuries suffered were quite extensive – several fractured ribs, fractured femur, broken wrist, ruptured spleen, multiple other internal injuries, pelvic displacement, and a TBI. It was determined that the driver…

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$8.25M Settlement in Construction Liability Case

Construction workers are tasked with maintaining standards and adhering to building codes in order to keep the end users of the space safe. What happens, though, when those workers aren’t given the same consideration and are sent in to work in a dangerous situation? That is exactly what happened to Charles Wisell’s client, a construction…

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Med-Mal Spine Surgery Case Settles for 7-figures

People put a lot of trust in their doctors, literally putting their lives in the hands of these highly trained professionals in the hopes that the outcome helps with whatever ails them. It can be devastating to learn that surgery is required. In the case of physician-attorney Leon Aussprung’s client, a cervical fusion was needed…

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$1.15M Settlement in Slip & Fall at Movie Theater

fractured bone

Going to see a movie in a theater is an entire experience…the smell of the popcorn, the excitement of the previews, and finally, the main reason you are there, the feature presentation. For attorney Jonathan P. Crannell’s client, a 65-yr old retiree, she woke up one morning and decided to treat herself to this experience…

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MVC Results in $1.1M Verdict

A Diagram of an X Ray of a Fractured Leg

Motor vehicle collisions are familiar to all trial attorneys…each of you probably has a plethora of them in your caseload. They run the gamut from being straightforward and easy to settle to very difficult. Sandeep Agarwal’s case seemed like the former because the defense had admitted liability and even agreed that all of his client’s…

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4x Offer in Motor Vehicle Collision

Kahn SW Motor Vehicle Collision Image

Some motor vehicle collisions are pretty straight-forward, and injuries sustained are understood to be caused by the collision. But what happens when after your client’s first collision that is to be the subject of your claim, your client suffers a second collision, then a third, fourth, and fifth one, before you file suit? The client,…

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Bicyclist vs Motor Vehicle Case Settles for $1.3M

Bicyclist vs Motor Vehicle Case Settles

Bicycle versus vehicle is never a good thing, and in Marc Johnston’s client’s case, it was particularly bad. The client was riding his bike in a bike lane when a minivan made a left turn right in front of him. Without time to brake, the client collided with the minivan, flew over the hood, and…

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Rear-end Collision Settles for $1M

Anterior Cervical Discectomy

Regardless of laws that have been put in place to prevent phone use while driving, distracted driving is causing more and more vehicle collisions. It’s difficult to maintain full attention on the road when engaged in conversations or while paying attention to a device. In the case of Khail Parris’ client, she was stopped about…

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Animations Assist in Significant Settlement for Retained Surgical Object Case

Colorized CT scan of a foreign object left inside a patient during a surgery

A 12-inch sponge was left in the abdomen of Chris Russell’s client after a surgery. The subsequent misdiagnosis by the radiologist and treating doctor left Russell’s client in pain for many months. Mr. Russell came to us for several illustrations to assist in successfully portraying the neglect on behalf of the medical professionals. Our team…

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