$8.25M Settlement in Construction Liability Case

Construction workers are tasked with maintaining standards and adhering to building codes in order to keep the end users of the space safe. What happens, though, when those workers aren’t given the same consideration and are sent in to work in a dangerous situation? That is exactly what happened to Charles Wisell’s client, a construction worker who was on the job renovating an apartment building. Another worker had, at some point, incorrectly secured a heavy, live electrical BX cable to an exposed ceiling beam with duct tape. While reviewing blueprints for the project, this live electrical cable came loose and swung down, striking Wisell’s client in the face with the exposed end coming into contact with his right eye, electrocuting him and throwing him across the room. In an instant, this 34-year old’s ability to work and provide for his family came to an end. The improperly secured live cable, along with the fact that the electricity had not been turned off prior to the renovation, were among several clear violations of labor law. The myriad injuries sustained by his client motivated Wisell to reach out to Focus Graphics to prepare for mediation. Both eyes were damaged, he had herniations at multiple levels of his spine, as well as a labral tear in his left shoulder. Wisell wanted to make sure the defense knew he was prepared to take this to trial. We suggested, given that his client had so many surgeries, to do a suite of surgical illustrations, each depicting one of the seven surgical procedures his client had to endure. These illustrations are an affordable item to take to mediation, and can easily be integrated into animations should the case proceed to trial. In this case, though, the illustrations were enough and the case was settled for $8,250,000.

cervical spine surgical illustration
lumbar spine surgical illustration
Left eye repair surgical illustration
right eye foreign body removal surgical illustration

“Focus Graphics never lets us down when we need any kind of graphics for our cases. We needed these in a rush and the Focus Graphics team was able to deliver on time. The illustrations were HUGELY helpful and well done. Our firm has used them on many cases and will continue to do so. Very happy with the attention Seton provides and would recommend to anyone.”

Portrait of attorney Charles Wissell

~Charles E Wisell, Esq., New York, NY | Lipsig, Shapey, Manus and Moverman, PC


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