Common Seatbelt Injuries in Motor Vehicle Collisions

People in motor vehicle collisions often suffer various injuries from the very thing that is supposed to keep them safe…seatbelts. While their injuries may be less severe than they would have been without a seatbelt on, they nevertheless have suffered trauma that may require immediate and/or long-term care. This should not be overlooked when contemplating what demonstratives would best help your client in mediation or in front of a jury. The defense will likely minimize these types of injuries, but some could be quite bad, like a fractured vertebrae, damage to internal organs, or even ruptured blood vessels. These injuries may not show up immediately either due to the nature of the injury or because of the adrenaline present in the body following the accident. Your client may not realize until later that they are injured after thinking they were fine on the scene, another way the defense might try to downplay the injuries.

We have spoken to so many attorneys with clients suffering these types of injuries, so we created this animation to show some of the common types of injuries that can occur. This example could provide ideas of what we could create to help illustrate the severity of your client’s injuries and potentially help reach a larger settlement or verdict.

This animation is very general, just highlighting the different types of injuries, but we can go into detail on any of them to show what happens within the body when specific trauma occurs. These can easily be combined with actual images from the scene, colorizations of imaging, or surgical animations to add to the effect. Our in-house team of professional medical and forensic animators and illustrators will work together to take it from collision to surgical repair, or any one piece of it, and then put it in front of a focus group to see what is effective. If the moderator recommends changes, we make them at no charge to you.

Don’t currently have a seatbelt injury case? No problem! Whether you need a timeline, a surgical illustration or animation, mechanism of injury animation, pain management board, or even a tutorial making a complex concept simple to understand…really, anything you can imagine, we can work within your budget to come up with great ways to simplify your case for mediation or a jury. Make an appointment to discuss your case with one of our project managers. They have worked with countless attorneys and can help strategize how to best benefit your client and turn those ideas into effective visual aids that can help drive up the value of your case.