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Are you Looking for more? We can fulfill all of your trial needs.

We know that it takes a lot to put together your case, and you may need more than just an illustration or an animation to get the full impact of your case across to the jury. We can help with Day in the Life videos, life care planning, and even 3D printed exhibits to truly bring parts of your case to life in the courtroom.

We also know that all of this can add to your case costs, so we can refer you for non-recourse funding to get you started.

3D Printing

Do you really want to wow everyone in the courtroom? Consider 3D printed exhibits. For example, we can take your client's diagnostic imaging and build a 3D model of their spine so you can literally put it into the hands of the jury. If you have the proper imaging, we can turn it into a model for you!

#D spine images
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Day in the Life

A Day in the Life video goes a long way toward showing the jury the change in your client's quality of life. It shows how they were before their loss, then shows what they must do to get through a day after loss. These videos are often very powerful and show the effect not only on the client, but on their family, as well. 

Life Care Planning

A lot of work goes into determining the right damage number to present at trial. A Life Care Planner takes into account everything your client will need for the rest of their life, from medications to home care and more. We can refer you to a qualified provider to help you prepare your case.

Non-Recourse Funding

We partner with some of the best funding companies in the industry. Reach out to us about your case and we can discuss and determine who would fit your needs the best.

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