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Focus Graphics is here to make your demonstrative evidence a reality through graphics. Our team of litigation strategists, medical experts, and world class animators and illustrators make our company the ultimate choice for top attorneys from around the country. Whether drafting your complaint, preparing for mediation, or getting ready for a big trial, Focus Graphics can work with you to create an arsenal of graphics specifically tailored to your case.

What We Offer


Clearly present every detail of your evidence with the help of dynamic and detailed animations. Our team of skilled animators can recreate any scenario, from accidents to product defects to surgical procedures, and even craft intricate system failure timelines. We will work with you, your client, and your experts throughout the process to ensure accuracy. If you would like it to be reviewed by a focus group, any change recommendations made are included in your up-front cost. 


We can illustrate any intricate medical procedure; create pain management and injury summaries; colorize diagnostic imaging to make them more clear to the layperson; craft intricate system failure timelines; and much more. Our highly trained medical illustrators can help you tell the story of your case in an easily understandable way to maximize outcomes.

Focus Groups

We were founded on the idea of focus groups being the best way to evaluate your visuals. Don't let your jury act as your focus group because it will be too late. Turn to us if you want to make sure your animations and illustrations are on track and to help get you the verdict your client deserves. Let our focus group service get reliable opinions from real people. Any changes recommended by our focus groups are made at no additional cost to you. 

Other Services

Whether they are laminated boards or high-resolution 3D animations, our products are one of the keys to success when it comes to mediation and litigation. Couple this with a proven focus group process, and the results speak for themselves. Need more? We can provide a seamless array of products, including Day in the Life videos, non-recourse funding, life care planning, and 3D printed human anatomy derived from your client's diagnostic imaging.

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Our team of animators, illustrators, and medical professionals are always here to make your demonstratives ready for your next mediation or litigation. Get a quote of your requested services today by reaching out to our staff.