Our team of skilled animators can recreate any scenario, from accidents to product defects.

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Intricate medical procedures, pain management, injury synopsis, product detail....our skilled illustrators can bring your case front and center.

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Focus Groups

Want to make sure your animations and illustrations are on track to get you the verdict your client deserves? Let our focus group service get real opinions from real people.

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Bring Focus to Your Next Court Room Exhibit

Our team of litigation strategist, medical experts and world-class animators and illustrators make Focus Graphics the choice for top attorneys from around the country.  We have brought stunning visuals from Hollywood to the court room.

Demonstrative exhibits - whether they are laminated boards or high-res 3D animations - are one of the keys to success when it comes to mediation and litigation.  Couple this with a proven focus group process and the results speak for themselves.

Let us bring your case to life.....

Our team of animators, illustrators and medical professionals are ready to make your demonstratives ready for your next mediation or litigation.