Let us Bring Your case to life

At Focus Graphics, we know that when you invest the money to obtain an animation, you are serious about winning your case. Our team of animators brings expertise from diverse professional backgrounds, including medical animators, accident reconstruction, and Hollywood special effects. The Focus Graphics animation team has decades of experience to recreate the details of your case and bring it to life right before your jury.

All too often, attorneys spend tens of thousands of dollars on animations only to learn that, at best, their animation will not assist the jury and at worst, their animation actually hurts their case. There is no need to make this costly mistake. Focus Graphics not only specializes in creating world-class animations, but we also offer the option to focus group your animation to ensure that your investment is having the impact that you desire. Let our expert focus group moderators spend time with a focus group in order to make sure that no detail is left out of the animation and no unnecessary details remain in your animation that may confuse your jury. After this process, your final product is delivered in high-definition video and ready for trial.

Motor Vehicle Collisions

Premises Liability

Medical Animations

Let Us Bring Your Case to Life

Our team of animators, illustrators, and medical professionals are ready to make your demonstratives ready for your next mediation or litigation.