Med-Mal Spine Surgery Case Settles for 7-figures

People put a lot of trust in their doctors, literally putting their lives in the hands of these highly trained professionals in the hopes that the outcome helps with whatever ails them. It can be devastating to learn that surgery is required. In the case of physician-attorney Leon Aussprung’s client, a cervical fusion was needed to get her back to a good quality of life. Over the next several years, his client did not achieve that former quality of life, or even close to it. She continued to be plagued by pain. It was eventually determined that her neurosurgeon, despite the use of fluoroscopy, had operated on and performed an instrumental fusion on the incorrect cervical spine level. This resulted in worsening of the client’s neuropathy and adjacent disc disease, causing additional injuries. 

Dr. Aussprung came to Focus Graphics and we suggested creating a 3D model of his client’s spine, using the cervical fluoroscopy imaging, that he could manipulate in order to show the jury the error made by the treating neurosurgeon. With this demonstrative in hand, Dr. Aussprung was able to settle the case for a confidential 7-figure sum for his client.

“Focus Graphics was professional and produced timely and informative exhibits for use at trial. Their method of Zoom meetings and online review of the exhibit drafts was easy and smooth. I was very pleased with their services and will use them again.”

Image of Physician Attorney Leon Aussprung

~Leon Aussprung MD, Esq., Philadelphia, PA | Aussprung Law


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