Valet Injured by Drunk Driver Awarded $6M

Choosing to drive under the influence is just that, a choice, and one that can severely affect other people. When a man drinking at a country club event chose to drive another guest home, another guest noticed his inebriated state and offered to drive them, but was declined. Instead, the man instructed a valet at the club to follow him in the man’s vehicle as he drove the woman home in her vehicle. After dropping off the woman, the valet was prepared to drive back to the club with the man as a passenger, but the man insisted on driving. On the way back, without warning, the man accelerated to over three times the posted speed limit, losing control as he entered a curve and slamming into a brick monument. The impact was so great that it sheared through the right passenger door where the valet was sitting, ripped off the rear wheel and caused all airbags to deploy. Immediately following the crash, the driver left the valet in the vehicle and went into the clubhouse to get some crackers because his stomach was upset and he was shaken up. He never stopped to see if the valet was hurt, which he was. He suffered a TBI, dislocated jaw, plus injuries to his face, lower back, right arm including the shoulder and hand, as well as both legs.

Khail Parris wanted to show exactly how this crash occurred from multiple viewpoints, so he came to Focus Graphics to create an animation for him to take to trial. This animation depicted the recklessness exhibited by the defendant and outlined the plaintiff’s injuries. Having this kind of animation, especially shown from many different viewpoints, is helpful for a jury to see exactly how the collision occurs. The jury came back with a $6M verdict for the plaintiff.

“By driving drunk and at a reckless speed in a residential neighborhood, the defendant clearly chose to prioritize his entertainment over the safety of those around him. We needed to show that to the jury and hammer home that this was no accident…this man chose to drive under the influence and put everyone around him at risk. I knew that Focus Graphics would provide exactly what we needed and they didn’t disappoint. I will continue to utilize Focus Graphics for our exhibit needs.”

Khail Parris, Esq.

~Khail Parris, Esq., Lancaster, CA | Parris Law Firm


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