$1.5B in Verdicts and Settlements in 2023

We worked on projects for some of the best attorneys in the country during 2023, resulting in over $1.5B in verdicts and settlements! Thanks for working with us and putting your faith in our ability to help your cases. We love to show off the amazing work our visual experts do for our clients, so we have created a new highlight reel to share with all of you, and hopefully you see something that piques your interest for a current case. Our extremely skilled team of medical illustrators/animators and forensic animators can do just about anything you can imagine, and lots that you can’t! Whether you have a limited budget and just need an x-ray colorized or have a massive case that needs a multitude of animations and illustrations, we can get it done.

Along with the typical animations and illustrations you would expect, we offer other services, like Focus Groups and 3D printing, as well as working closely with Life Care Planners, Day in the Life video companies and Non-Recourse Funding companies to deliver a complete package.

Focus Groups – Taking the time to focus group your demonstratives can be very beneficial to learn what will hit home with jurors and what might miss the mark. We can create animatics or animated storyboards initially at a much lower cost than a full animation, then organize a focus group to learn about your case and give feedback as to whether you are on the right track with what you want in your animation. Nothing worse than spending big bucks on an animation only to find out later that you should have focused on a different aspect of the case. These are also great to take to mediation…they show that you are serious about your case at a fraction of the cost of a full animation. Should mediation be unsuccessful, we then have a roadmap to create the full animation for trial.

3D Printing – Attorneys are getting more and more creative about what they take into trial, and 3D printing is a huge piece of that. We can create virtually any body part you want to show to the jury and make it an interactive exhibit. Open a skull to show a brain with a TBI; show a spine with all the hardware that was needed to repair an injury; even show a retained object embedded in an internal organ. As long as you have detailed imaging, we can make it happen!

Other Services – We work closely with life care planners, day in the life video producers, and non-recourse funding companies to help you deliver a complete package to the jury that will intimately introduce them to the challenges your client has to face on a daily basis just to get through the day. These are impactful add-ons that can greatly increase the value of your case. We have vetted these companies and know they deliver a good product, then we work directly with them to embed pieces of the exhibits we create into their presentations, as well. Speak to your project manager for referrals.

Don’t settle for less than your client deserves. Small budget or big, we can make your case come to life! Request a quote or schedule an appointment to speak with one of our project managers today!


Our team of animators, illustrators and medical professionals are ready to make your demonstratives ready for your next mediation or litigation. Request a Quote or give us a call at (702) 849-0090.