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Know Your Case…Pretty Pictures Won’t Save It

May 23, 2023

PowerPoint presentations with fancy screen fades and bullet points for a trial were once considered on the cutting edge. Now PowerPoint presentations are almost necessary to captivate and focus the jury on your argument. We’ve learned over time that a…

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Dog Bite Surgical Repair

April 25, 2023

Our last post showed the devastating effects of a dog bite suffered during an attack. Showing mechanism of injury (MOI) is often important so that the jury can see exactly how the injury occurred. It is also important to show…

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Dog Bite Animation Shows Attack and Resulting Injury

April 12, 2023

A walk down a quiet street on a beautiful day was all a young woman had in mind for the morning. At a walled home up ahead, the gate opened to allow a vehicle to leave. The woman thought nothing…

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Read End Collision Results, Focus Graphics

TBI Essentials

March 29, 2023

We all know traumatic brain injury cases are often the most valuable cases we will have at our firms. It is also a fact that many of our traumatic brain injury cases are not the type that are obvious on…

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A Locked in Syndrome Case Diagram With Graph

$47M Verdict in “Locked-In” Syndrome Case

March 14, 2023

A fall one evening prompted Amy Geiler’s family to take her to MountainView Hospital’s emergency room for treatment. Upon arriving and being examined, it was determined that her sodium levels were dangerously low (hyponatremia) and she was dehydrated, so saline…

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Verdict for Plaintiff Rear ended by FedEx truck

Pain Management Winning Visuals

March 2, 2023

It is easy to read the medical records of our clients and lose track of how much treatment they have actually received as a result of being hurt. Years ago, I had a case in which my client had received several injections, and when reading the records, it looked like there were eight days in which he had injections from his pain management doctor.

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A Diagram of an X Ray of a Fractured Leg

MVC Results in $1.1M Verdict

February 14, 2023

Motor vehicle collisions are familiar to all trial attorneys…each of you probably has a plethora of them in your caseload. They run the gamut from being straightforward and easy to settle to very difficult. Sandeep Agarwal’s case seemed like the…

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A Website Header on Pain Signals Journey

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

January 25, 2023

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a broad term describing excessive and prolonged pain and inflammation that follows an injury to, or surgery on, an extremity. It is a neurological condition that has both acute and chronic forms. The exact…

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A Coronal View of a Brain in Color

Pedestrian Strike Yields Settlement Many Times Greater than Initial Offer

January 12, 2023

More and more drivers are distracted or not paying attention which can prove catastrophic for pedestrians.  Will Sykes’ teenage client was crossing the street with the right of way when a driver not paying attention hit her. She was launched…

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Kahn SW Motor Vehicle Collision Image

4x Offer in Motor Vehicle Collision

December 14, 2022

Some motor vehicle collisions are pretty straight-forward, and injuries sustained are understood to be caused by the collision. But what happens when after your client’s first collision that is to be the subject of your claim, your client suffers a…

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Verdict for Plaintiff Rear ended by FedEx truck

$8M Verdict for Plaintiff Rear-ended by FedEx truck

November 16, 2022

A rear-end collision involving Benjamin Cloward’s client and a FedEx truck finally resolved after 8 years with a jury awarding his client $8M. The collision occurred in 2014 on I-95 when a FedEx driver failed to slow and hit Cloward’s…

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Verdict of 5.5M Dollar in Unique Personal Injury Case

Verdict of $5.5M+ in Unique Personal Injury Case

November 3, 2022

Personal injury cases are tough enough to try when the attorney has proof of everything that happened leading up to the injury, but what about when there are no witnesses and you have to piece together what you believed happened…

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