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$100K Offer Turns into a $2.4M Verdict in CRPS Case

April 23, 2024

Rules, especially in medical environments, exist for a reason, and when those rules aren’t followed, communication is key. In the case of Taylor Asen’s 65-year old female client, the proper positioning for a medical procedure wasn’t followed, but there was…

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Common Seatbelt Injuries in Motor Vehicle Collisions

April 4, 2024

People in motor vehicle collisions often suffer various injuries from the very thing that is supposed to keep them safe…seatbelts. While their injuries may be less severe than they would have been without a seatbelt on, they nevertheless have suffered…

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Animation in Med Mal Case Helps Net Large Confidential Settlement

March 11, 2024

Carpal Tunnel surgery is a fairly straightforward and common surgery. Delicate, for sure, given the nerves in the area, but there exist safety devices specifically to protect the nerves during this surgery. When a surgeon doesn’t use them correctly, however,…

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Valet Injured by Drunk Driver Awarded $6M

February 26, 2024

Choosing to drive under the influence is just that, a choice, and one that can severely affect other people. When a man drinking at a country club event chose to drive another guest home, another guest noticed his inebriated state…

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$1.5B in Verdicts and Settlements in 2023

February 9, 2024

We worked on projects for some of the best attorneys in the country during 2023, resulting in over $1.5B in verdicts and settlements! Thanks for working with us and putting your faith in our ability to help your cases. We…

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Motorcycle Collision Case Settles for $1.25M Policy Limit

January 15, 2024

One person not obeying traffic laws is all it takes to ruin another person’s life. Peter Jaraysi’s client was driving eastbound on a motorcycle with the right of way when another driver traveling westbound suddenly turned into him, causing a…

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Hotel Guest Electrical Shock Case Results in 8-figure Verdict

December 14, 2023

A vacation to celebrate a milestone birthday in the iconic city of Las Vegas should leave one with wonderful memories to look back on far into the future. For the client of Maier Gutierrez & Associates, he certainly has memories,…

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$150K Settlement Offer Turns Into $4M Verdict in Med Mal Case

November 30, 2023

Patients typically trust their doctors and expect that they will provide the best care possible. They are human, however, and sometimes make mistakes. If that happens, they would be expected to own up to it and then do whatever they…

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Generic or Lookalike? Selecting 3D Characters for Your Visuals

November 16, 2023

When you come to Focus Graphics to create illustrations or animations for your cases, there are a lot of options to consider. One of those options is whether to have us use a generic character that resembles your client using…

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Hospital Fall Case Awarded Verdict of $6.19M

October 30, 2023

When a patient is admitted to a hospital, the expectation is that the hospital will protect that patient from the risk of preventable falls, especially when the hospital’s treatment of the patient creates the fall risk. Allen Tittle’s 72-year old…

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Effective Sound Design in Legal Animations

October 6, 2023

Visual aids in mediation or in the courtroom – animations, illustrations, PowerPoint presentations, 3D printed exhibits, and more – are proven to increase results for many reasons. For mediation, it may show defense that you are prepared to take them…

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$8.9M Verdict After $25K Offer in Drunk Driving Collision

September 27, 2023

Driving home one rainy evening changed Khail Parris’ client’s life forever when an oncoming vehicle suddenly veered into his lane and struck him head-on. The injuries suffered were quite extensive – several fractured ribs, fractured femur, broken wrist, ruptured spleen,…

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