$47M Verdict in “Locked-In” Syndrome Case

A Locked in Syndrome Case Diagram With Graph

A fall one evening prompted Amy Geiler’s family to take her to MountainView Hospital’s emergency room for treatment. Upon arriving and being examined, it was determined that her sodium levels were dangerously low (hyponatremia) and she was dehydrated, so saline was administered rapidly to try to stabilize her. MountainView Hospital’s policy would not allow the…

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Undisclosed Settlement using Hypoxia Animation

Traumatic Brain Injury Caused by Hypoxia

In a recent month-long medical malpractice trial, attorney Sean Claggett was faced with the task of explaining to a jury how the lack of oxygen to the brain caused irreversible brain damage in his client. The defendant hospital argued at trial that the brain damage was a slow, progressive disease made worse by uncontrolled diabetes.…

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