Undisclosed Settlement using Hypoxia Animation

In a recent month-long medical malpractice trial, attorney Sean Claggett was faced with the task of explaining to a jury how the lack of oxygen to the brain caused irreversible brain damage in his client. The defendant hospital argued at trial that the brain damage was a slow, progressive disease made worse by uncontrolled diabetes. Claggett turned to Focus Graphics to create an animation that could show hypoxia in real-time as it damages the brain.

Focus Graphics was able to create an animation that clearly demonstrated how hypoxia causes damage to the brain at a cellular level, and how that damage is permanent. After a month-long trial, the case settled for a confidential amount as the jury was in deliberations; however, when I spoke to the jury after the case was resolved, it was learned that the jury was going to return a verdict of $50,000,000. While speaking to the jury, it was clear that after seeing the animation created by Focus Graphics, there was no doubt in the jury’s mind how and what caused the severe brain damage to our client.

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