5x Initial Offer for Crushed Leg Injury

An Oklahoma City museum decided it was time to update and refurbish its displays, so the museum hired an exhibit company, which would perform the work to update the displays. As part of the job, they would also be updating some wall panels that each weighed approximately 100 lbs. To assist with moving these panels to the location where the exhibit company was working, a moving company was hired. The movers placed the wall panels in stacks leaning against the walls within the area where the refurbishing work was being done. 

One of the senior employees of the exhibit company was looking to refurbish a specific wall panel. Once the location of that specific panel was found and it was determined that the employee could not retrieve it on his own, he requested help from one of the museum staff. There were 10 other panels stacked in front of the target panel, so the exhibit company employee was supporting the other panels while the museum employee retrieved the one the remodeler wanted. The weight became too much for the remodeler to handle and, as they started to topple, asked the museum employee to come help him hold them up. The weight was still too great for both of them, and as they both attempted to get out of the way, the museum employee’s foot slipped and he fell, then the panels fell on top of him, crushing his leg. The resulting injury was an open fracture of the tibia and fibula of his left leg.

The museum employee was actually starting a new career in the US Air Force and was delayed due to the injury. Once he was determined to be able to perform his duties, he began his new career; however, after some time in the military, he continued to experience pain and could not pass his physical fitness test. He retained David Smith to represent him and try to get some recompense since his military career could end at any time. Mr. Smith understood that he would need some demonstratives to use during depositions in order to show the defense he was prepared to take this in front of a jury. He came to Focus Graphics and we suggested some colorizations of the pre- and post-surgical imaging, as well as an illustrated storyboard, which could later be turned into an animation, if necessary for trial. No animation was needed as defense settled for a confidential 6-figure amount.

Colorization of an x-ray showing broken leg
Colorization of an x-ray showing surgically fixed broken leg
Storyboard example showing events that occurred before a panel fell and crushed a worker's leg.

This was my first time using Focus Graphics and I was hoping to get something that would move the needle with the defense. I wasn’t ready to make a large investment in an animation, but Focus Graphics suggested an illustrated storyboard which showed the sequence of events. This, along with the colorized X-rays, were introduced during some fact witness depositions. Within thirty days of completion of the depositions, the case settled for more than five times the amount that was offered before the depositions, which my client accepted. I have since done additional work with Focus Graphics and the quality and experience is always excellent.”

~David Smith, Esq., Oklahoma City, OK | David Smith Law


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