Spinal Injury Package – How to Best Use Visuals to Increase Value for Your Spinal Case

Spinal injuries are some of the most common, and most painful, that your clients suffer. Whether a vehicle collision, a slip and fall, an assault, a workplace injury, or medmal, anything that affects the spine can have horrible repercussions on your client’s ability to function. Because of that, it’s imperative that you have the right exhibits for pre-lit, mediation, and trial. Walking into mediation empty-handed is leaving money on the table…a couple of colorizations at a cost of less than $1000 could potentially encourage the defense to to increase their offer. At trial, juries like to see pretty pictures or videos that explain complicated medical procedures in simple ways that they can understand and feel that they’ve been properly educated to make a decision in your case. Let’s go through some of the options for spinal injuries:

  • Initial injury – This is a great time to show analytical color processing, or colorizations, of your imaging. Whether you have x-rays, MRIs, or any other type of imaging, the injury is not always obvious, especially to a layperson. Colorizations will focus on the injury, adding color to show exactly where the injury occurred and enhancing the view. These are an inexpensive way to show the defense at mediation that you are taking the case seriously and are preparing for trial. These can later be integrated into animations if your case goes to trial and you want something more substantial to show the jury.
  • Pain treatment – It gets extremely tedious to recite every type of injection and other treatment that your client may have had to control pain throughout what has likely been a very long journey since their injury occurred. Utilizing a pain treatment summary board helps prevent that recitation while also showing a very impactful exhibit. No one likes shots, so showing a jury a summary board with tons of needles gets them all a little squirmy and very sympathetic to your client. Something like this can be shown as a static image or, for more of an impact, as a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Surgery – If all the pain treatments fail, the next step is often surgery. This may involve cleaning up a herniated disc, removal of a disc, installation of hardware, or many other things. Showing the steps of a surgery in a surgical illustration can be effective, but the gold standard would be a surgical animation. These can be done as a cost-effective 2D option or could show the steps in 3D from the incision to the completion of the procedure. Experts will often use these to explain why and how the surgery was performed, and they are vital in helping the jury to understand what your client went through.
  • Post-surgery – These will often be colorizations of imaging to show placement of hardware. They can be helpful in showing what your client now has to live with in their body.

Attorneys tell us every day how much the graphics we create for them are instrumental in settling cases, getting bigger verdicts, and even help them to better understand their own cases. Anything is better than walking into mediation or trial without any kind of visual aid, and we have options to fit every budget. Whether you need colorizations, a timeline, a surgical illustration or animation, mechanism of injury animation, pain management board, or even a tutorial making a complex concept simple to understand, we can work within your case budget to come up with great ways to simplify your case for pre-lit, mediation or a jury. Make an appointment with one of our project managers to walk them through your case. They have tons of experience working with attorneys to help strategize how to best benefit their clients and turn those ideas into effective visual aids, and they can do the same for you to help drive up the value of your case.


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