Pedestrian Strike Yields Settlement Many Times Greater than Initial Offer

More and more drivers are distracted or not paying attention which can prove catastrophic for pedestrians.  Will Sykes’ teenage client was crossing the street with the right of way when a driver not paying attention hit her. She was launched onto the hood of the vehicle and her head connected with the windshield, resulting in a terrible traumatic brain injury. Mr. Sykes knew he had to show up to mediation with proof that he was ready to take this to trial. He came to Focus Graphics for help showing the mechanism of injury, as well as a brain injury summary illustration to show the severity of her TBI. Focus Graphics went to work to give him what he needed, creating an animation that showed the impact, then utilized animations and the original imaging to outline all of the injuries and how the impact affected his client. These visuals were critical and the defense came back with a settlement offer dozens of times greater than the initial offer, resolving the case without going to trial.

Brain injury summary axial view
Brain injury summary coronal view

Focus Graphics always comes through with exactly what we need to support our cases. The illustrations and mechanism of injury animation provided were integral to our presentation to the defense, and the settlement offer they brought to us was vastly different from where they started. Focus Graphics is always professional and responsive, with wonderful attention to detail on every case I bring to them. Going into mediation or trial without supporting graphics is the equivalent of leaving money on the table…we simply don’t do that at Claggett & Sykes Law Firm.

Picture of Will Sykes

~Will Sykes, Esq., Las Vegas, NV Claggett & Sykes Law Firm


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