Effective Sound Design in Legal Animations

Visual aids in mediation or in the courtroom – animations, illustrations, PowerPoint presentations, 3D printed exhibits, and more – are proven to increase results for many reasons. For mediation, it may show defense that you are prepared to take them on in a courtroom, or show them aspects of the case in a way they hadn’t considered and make them realize that they should make every effort to settle. In the courtroom, medical and surgical illustrations and animations can help your expert better explain a complicated procedure or medical condition so it is easier for the jury to understand; or a mechanism of injury animation can show exactly how an injury occurred. They even help you, the attorney, understand your own case better, increasing your ability to speak confidently in mediation and in the courtroom and make it harder for the defense and jury to dismiss your arguments. Adding on to those demonstratives, the use of effective sound design in video production is a crucial aspect of creating an immersive experience that is often overlooked. 

When implemented properly, sound design can be one of your most powerful tools for conveying emotion, setting the tone, or enhancing the narrative of a video exhibit. The proper sound effects and music can add value to your case by triggering a greater emotional response. A voiceover track can also be a helpful way to guide the narrative. Including background sounds that a person would expect to hear also amplifies the experience…traffic noise in an animation showing a vehicle crash or construction sounds when showing how an injury occurred on a jobsite, for example. All in all, effective sound design can often be a critical component of video production that will greatly enhance the overall impact that your video has on its viewers, and leave a lasting impression throughout the course of your next trial or mediation.


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