Undisclosed Settlement Using Tibial Plateau Fracture Animation

Attorney Jamie Cogburn approached us a couple of weeks before two cases were headed to trial and needed some animations to show surgical procedures that were performed on his clients. He didn’t have a lot of time but needed animations that would deliver his message. In this particular case, his client had been walking along the sidewalk outside of a casino, which was being pressure washed by casino personnel. This caused Mr Cogburn’s client to slip and fall, injuring her leg so badly she required a wheelchair to transport her to a vehicle. The resulting injury was a fracture to the tibial plateau, one of the most critical load-bearing areas in the body; it can also affect knee alignment, stability, and motion, so his client was in need of surgical repair, including a bone graft. This is what Mr Cogburn wanted to animate in order to show what his client had to endure.

“We turned to Focus Graphics for two recent back-to-back cases needing medical animations. Our goal was to show just how invasive the surgeries were in order to deliver the best outcome for our clients. One animation involved a tibial plateau fracture and the results were amazing, especially when they went the extra step to include the bone graft procedure. The second animation involved a cervical fusion which was exactly what we were looking for. Both projects were within our budget and delivered on time. I highly recommend Focus Graphics for demonstratives.”

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