Dog Bite Animation Shows Attack and Resulting Injury

A walk down a quiet street on a beautiful day was all a young woman had in mind for the morning. At a walled home up ahead, the gate opened to allow a vehicle to leave. The woman thought nothing of it as she approached the home until she heard some yelling, and a large Pitbull ran through the open gate. She stopped, but before she could do anything else, the dog began growling and launched itself at her, latching onto her left arm and taking her to the ground. The owner quickly arrived and was able to pull the dog off the woman, but not before extensive damage had been done. When the dog grabbed her arm, it forcefully wrested it from side to side. She suffered damage to the posterior sensory nerve and punctures to her cephalic vein, as well as the terrible tissue trauma that occurred. She also developed an intense fear of dogs and anxiety that she had never had prior to the attack.

Does this sound familiar? Have you had a similar case where an animation like this could have helped you tell the story better than any spoken word? We have heard from so many attorneys looking for an example of a dog bite animation, so we listened and wanted to share it with all of you. Loose dogs that attack humans seem to be showing up in the news more and more lately, and as trial attorneys, those are going to show up on your desks. We can help you show the attack as it happened with or without environmental build-out and can show the specific damage experienced by your client. In our next email, we will show the animated and illustrated versions of the wound repair…stay tuned!

In the meantime, our experienced team of illustrators and animators are ready to bring any case you have to life! Whether you need a timeline, a surgical illustration or animations, mechanism of injury animation, pain management board, or even a tutorial making a complex concept simple to understand…really, anything you can imagine, we can work with you to come up with great ways to simplify your case for mediation or a jury.


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