Confidential Settlement in UTV Rollover Case

Four-wheeling is an exciting and fun activity, allowing people to see backcountry landscapes they otherwise might not reach. When people buy these machines, it would be expected that they include all the safety features necessary to prevent injury. Unfortunately, this was not the case for Doug Winters’ client. The side-by-side Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) he was riding in was missing safety equipment to prevent arms and hands from escaping the vehicle in a rollover. Tragically, when the UTV rolled, Mr. Winters’ client stuck his arm out to brace himself, and suffered catastrophic injuries to his dominant arm, ultimately resulting in amputation after the resulting ORIF surgery was unsuccessful. Had the UTV been equipped with an adequate occupant retention system, this injury could have been easily avoided. Mr. Winters turned to Focus Graphics in advance of mediation and a potential trial to illustrate the extensive injuries and grueling surgeries his client underwent. After discussing the case and reviewing the medical history, we recommended colorizing and labeling the pre- and post-op X-rays, as well as creating a surgical storyboard to illustrate and explain the guillotine amputation, all of which were beneficial in attaining a confidential settlement for his client.

“I knew that when I went into mediation, having detailed illustrations would show that I was prepared to take this all the way to trial. I reached out to Focus Graphics to discuss how we could best show the injuries and surgeries suffered by my client, and came up with the plan to create illustrations showing colorized X-rays both before and after the ORIF, as well as after the amputation surgery, and a surgical storyboard that was valuable in explaining a complicated medical procedure in a few images. They exceeded my expectations in every respect. Focus Graphics took a genuine interest in the case and went above and beyond to ensure that their work was as effective as possible – at the same time staying on budget and on schedule. Their ability to convert tedious written surgical histories into detailed, colorful, and impactful illustrations makes Focus Graphics an invaluable litigation partner.”

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