Construction Injury Animation Helps Return a $1.3M+ Settlement

During construction of a custom home in New Mexico, a crane operator was laying beams with the assistance of the crew on the house and on the ground. Two framers helped position the beams and removed the dowels securing the straps once each beam was put in place. Upon placement of the second beam, the framers removed the straps, but rather than waiting for the all-clear signal, the crane operator lifted the straps and dowels before one of the framers had gotten off the beam. A dowel caught the edge of the beam, tilting it and causing one of the framers to fall 11 feet to the ground below. The client sustained a head injury from hitting the first beam as he fell, as well as severe spinal injuries from the landing. Daisy Chaparro and James Tawney had photos of the worksite just before the accident occurred, so they reached out to Focus Graphics to create an animation that showed the mechanism of injury. They knew they needed to show exactly how it occurred to get their client the settlement he deserved.

We teamed up with Focus Graphics to create an injury animation/video and colorizations of the lumbar spine injuries on a construction injury case. Our client was standing on a wooden beam, 11 feet off the ground, when the crane operator prematurely pulled the straps and jerked the beam, causing our client to fall on his back and sustain severe injuries to his spine. I contacted multiple companies to assist with animations and I am thrilled that I chose Focus Graphics. Despite having a very short window of time to get the job done, Seton and his team managed to put together a wonderful product. The Focus Graphics team analyzed the pleadings, evidence, and medical records to create accurate and effective demonstratives. Focus Graphics was fast, reliable, creative, reasonably priced, and ultimately helped us settle our case for a little over $1,300,000.00. Thanks so much to the entire Focus Graphics team! We are looking forward to working together on more cases.” 

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