Viola Yu

Portrait of Viola Yu

Viola Yu is a Medical Illustrator at Focus Graphics, where she leverages her expertise to create compelling visuals. She earned her Master’s degree from University of Toronto’s Biomedical Communications (BMC) Program, following undergraduate studies in Environmental Science at Cornell University and Graphic Design at Lehigh University

Viola’s journey in education extends beyond being a student; she has also shared her knowledge as a teacher at Princeton University, the Baums School of Art, and her alma maters. This diverse teaching background enriches her ability to simplify complex medical concepts for a wide range of audiences.

When not at work, you’ll find Viola pursuing various interests, from oil painting and sketching at art museums, to shredding the slopes on her snowboard. When the weather cooperates, you can also find her running or backpacking far away from civilization. If she must be in town she can be found spending her hard-earned money at thrift and antique shops.