Fee Arrangements for Our Demonstrative Graphics Services

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Focus Graphics offers a risk-free nonrecourse alternative for plaintiff’s lawyers/law firms with high volume litigation practices.

Don't let the lack of capital stop you from getting effective demonstratives for your next case. Our partner, Priority Responsible Funding, offers risk-free unlimited funding for our services.

Contingency fee litigation is becoming more expensive and riskier to pursue on a daily basis! As banks and other lending institutions make it more difficult for trial lawyers to access or increase existing lines of credit, attorneys are having a difficult time trying to match insurance companies’ unlimited financial resources when fighting for their clients.

Priority Responsible Funding

If your case involves the following, Priority Responsible Funding is here to help you fund your case in order to deliver the best results for your client:

  • Catastrophic Cases
  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Products Liability
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • System Failure Timelines
car crashing

Let Priority Responsible Funding assume all of the financial risks and pitfalls associated with the high cost of litigation.

With their help, trial lawyers can focus on what they do best - litigating and trying cases to the verdict! If for any reason, an attorney is not able to make a monetary recovery for their client, no monies are owed to Priority Responsible Funding. Priority’s risk-free litigation funding allows trial lawyers to take on more high-damage/cost cases without maxing out or stressing existing credit lines.

Interested in Funding?

Let your partners at Priority Responsible Funding help get your case moving in the right direction, and our team of animators, illustrators, and medical professionals will take it from there.