Unanimous Verdict Awards 10x Original Offer in Motor Vehicle Collision Case

Motor Vehicle Collision Case

Many people have similar routines…get up, go to work, come home, and repeat, with some errands and other activities or appointments thrown in. For Alex Ledbetter’s client, she was doing her routine heading home from work with a quick stop at the store. She never expected that her routine would be interrupted by another driver…

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Vehicle Rollover Caused by Potholes Results in 7-figure Unanimous Verdict

Vehicle Rollover Caused by Potholes

Road maintenance seems to be a never-ending effort. Road crews seem to always be working on some section of road no matter where you travel. It falls on transportation departments to ensure that vehicles can travel safely upon their roads, and to timely fix any issues that may be unsafe to those traveling the roads.…

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$4.6M Settlement in Gate Crushing Fatality

A security system at the gate

There are many tragedies that could easily have been avoided with proper signage and/or installation. The fatality of Juan Julian was just one of those situations. After exiting the facility where he was employed, Mr. Julian sought to re-enter, but the large entrance gate had closed. Knowing there was a button within reach on the…

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Verdict of 39x Offer in Trial for Pedestrian Hit in Crosswalk

Two types of garbage trucks

Employers large and small have a responsibility to the public to ensure that anyone they put behind the wheel of a vehicle has a safe driving record. When that vehicle is a 25-ton garbage truck, there is no question that safety should be of the utmost importance. When Republic Services put Julio Cortez-Solano behind the…

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7-figure Settlement in Rear-end Collision Case

A person bending forward in a vehicle

Young drivers are inexperienced and may make mistakes. For April Bonifatto’s client, she happened to be extra susceptible when rear-ended by one such young driver. She had previously had a hemilaminectomy, among other medical issues, and with unfortunate timing, as a passenger in her husband’s vehicle, she was hunched over reaching for her purse at…

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Distracted Driver Case Results in $120 Million Verdict

Injuries along the spine

With the advent of more and more sophisticated mobile technology comes more and more cases of distracted drivers causing accidents. Laws against using devices while driving are only a deterrent that many ignore. Sadly, for Khail Parris’ client, one of those people ignoring the law resulted in catastrophic injuries for him. As the defendant approached…

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Premises Liability Case Settles for $300K

A body part

Running errands is part of just about everyone’s daily life, and while people don’t think about it, a lot goes on at all those shops to ensure a safe experience for shoppers. Sometimes, however, things slip through and injuries occur. That happened to Patrick Kang’s client as she entered a store to do some shopping.…

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$91M Verdict in Premises Liability Case

Injuries in the head

When Eric Fong’s client entered a convenience store late one night, he didn’t realize he was walking into a dangerous situation. Another man was in the store attempting a robbery. The clerk refused his demands and, instead of warning Fong’s client, asked him for help in calling 911. When the would-be robber walked out of…

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Settlement of $1.5M Using Colorizations

Specified injuries in the spine

Sydney Meriwether Womack’s client felt safe in her office at work. After all, she was surrounded by four walls, inside a building, seated at her desk. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she would come to harm there, but one day, another person made a bad decision – to take some anxiety medication,…

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