As an active trial lawyer, I have used many different companies over the years to assist in creating our demonstrative exhibits, including boards and animations. I have also had many referring attorneys who, prior to hiring our firm, have spent significant money on these kinds of exhibits.  We then put these exhibits through focus groups. All too often, when we focus group these demonstratives and animations, we find out that not only do they not help a case, many times we have learned that they are actually case killers. I had one attorney who spent $54,000 on an animation and I had to tell him that we would not use his animation in the case after putting it through our focus group process. The referring attorney was upset with our decision; however, after we obtained a verdict of over $16,000,000, he realized that our focus groups were a valuable service.

In 2018, I decided to start Focus Graphics in an effort to prevent the wasted time and money on demonstratives and animations that simply will not work at trial. Just this week, I obtained a verdict that was 13 times higher than the defense’s top offer, and four times higher than the referring attorney tried to settle the case for before hiring our firm. There is no doubt that the demonstratives created and focus grouped by Focus Graphics were a huge part of our success in trial.  Focus Graphics is different than any other medical illustration company out there because we will utilize our extensive focus group experience to ensure that your illustrations or animations are effective BEFORE we deliver the final product to you.  In addition to medical illustrations and animations, Focus Graphics also specializes in system failure timelines. If you have any cases in which you are thinking about hiring a company for medical illustrations, animations or system failure timelines, I would encourage you to reach out to our company.  I have attached a link to a video below for you to see some of the work that Focus Graphics has created.

We look forward to working with you on your future cases,

Sean Claggett
Focus Graphics

Image of attorney Sean Claggett
Focus Group in action