Animations Assist in Significant Settlement for Retained Surgical Object Case

A 12-inch sponge was left in the abdomen of Chris Russell’s client after a surgery. The subsequent misdiagnosis by the radiologist and treating doctor left Russell’s client in pain for many months. Mr. Russell came to us for several illustrations to assist in successfully portraying the neglect on behalf of the medical professionals. Our team of illustrators and strategists put together an entire suite of demonstratives for Mr. Russell to use in his case against multiple defendants. 

  • 3D Analytical Colorization - We colorized the CT scans to clearly show the movement of the sponge throughout the body over the course of six months. Not only did this show neglect on the part of the radiologist, but also illustrated the pain the client suffered as the 12-inch sponge moved through the body. 
  • Surgical Procedure - A surgical storyboard showed the process of removing the foreign body in several easy to follow steps, which was important for Mr. Russell. This illustration, when coupled with the other demonstratives, was extremely effective.  
  • Pathology to Reality - Having a photograph of the foreign body after it was removed was a very powerful piece of evidence, but showing to scale how much of the colon had to be removed as a result made a huge statement for the case.
  • Timeline - We put together a timeline illustration along with a corresponding PowerPoint presentation for Mr. Russell.  Showing all of the events and characters in the story helped Mr. Russell break down the timing of the events into an easy-to-follow road map.

“I met Seton at last year’s TBI MED LEGAL conference and was immediately impressed with Focus Graphics’ products and their customer service. Our firm asked Focus Graphics to put together the medical illustrations and animations for a retained surgical object case we were preparing for trial. It was important for us to show how clear and easy it was to actually see the radiopaque marker on the CT scans that the radiologist completely missed. The graphics and illustrations that we received back were both on time and within budget. The illustrations were essential in the depositions we took, for use with our own experts, and assisted settling the case. I recommend Focus Graphics without hesitation to any firm looking for top notch illustration services.”

Image of attorney D. Christopher Russell

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