Amelia Brummel

Amelia Brummel comes to us with nearly a decade of experience working for several talented companies in the visual media industry within the personal injury space. Her relationships span across many platforms giving her a better eye for what will help bring the case to life and compel an audience.

When asked why she decided to join the Focus Graphics team, her answer was simple…”you guys get it.  With Sean being a top national trial lawyer trying several cases throughout the country, he has a good eye for what the jury is looking for. And if there is any question, we will focus group the graphic to make sure it is received well or that no other changes/edits are needed. No other company I know of is doing this with their graphics.  Art and visuals of any kind can be extremely objective, but what better way than to have your own fellow peers come in and give their honest opinion without the worry of affecting the case? I see none better than Focus Graphics providing this unique service to ensure the money is well spent.”

You will likely see Amelia at an upcoming conference, but in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out when you have a potential case needing any kind of visual, graphic, or animation to demonstrate what happened. To schedule an in-person or phone meeting, please contact her at your convenience: