$1M Settlement in Faulty Carpet Installation Case

Builders are required to stick to code during construction, but the reality is that sometimes corners get cut and they don’t always follow the code. In the case of Patrick Kang’s client, that corner being cut resulted in a traumatic ankle injury. Mr. Kang’s client was walking through a doorway at his own apartment when he stepped on an exposed carpet tack at the threshold. According to CRI Section 11.0, “Avoid installing tack-strips across door openings and/or sills,” there should not have been any tacks located where the client stepped. At the time of the incident, the client was carrying his baby boy and, upon his foot being pierced by the tack and his rapid recoil, he rolled his other ankle, causing him to fall. Luckily he was able to fall so his son wasn’t injured, but that may have contributed to the severity of his injury because he couldn’t put his hands out to catch himself. Mr. Kang requested help from Focus Graphics to show the mechanism of injury for mediation, as well as colorizations for the ankle MRI and surgical illustrations for the very complicated repair. Because this was for mediation, Mr. Kang wanted to keep the costs at a minimum while still showing how the injury occurred. We suggested an animated storyboard with pop-outs of the colorized MRIs. We then met with Mr. Kang and his client to ensure that we fully understood how the incident occurred and exactly how he fell. Had this continued to trial, an animated storyboard can be converted to a full animation, but in this case, this was all that was needed for the defense to offer a $1M settlement.

“Seton and the team at Focus Graphics always provide fantastic imagery for me to use in my cases. Showing up to mediation with these types of graphics lets the defense know that I am ready to face them in front of a jury. ​Coming armed with Focus Graphics to mediations is a game changer and drastically increases the value of our cases.”

~Patrick Kang, Esq., Las Vegas, NV | Ace Law Group

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