$0 offer to $875k Judgment on a Jury Verdict Using Demonstrative Animation

Although he had video evidence of his client slipping on a wet floor in a hotel casino, attorney William “Will” Sykes, Esq. needed to show the biomechanics of how the fall shattered his client’s patella. Mr. Sykes turned to Focus Graphics in order to produce the demonstrative he needed.

This demonstrative animation was paired with the actual footage of the fall and the resulting X-Rays.  Through our focus group process, we learned that keeping the surrounding animation clean and just focusing on the body of the client would yield the best results.

Demonstrative Animation

“Our team chose Focus Graphics because of their reliability, accuracy and timeliness. Their focus group process showed us that by using their animation, a jury would likely award a minimum of $500,000 to our client. We had focus grouped our case before having the animation done, and our top numbers for damage were coming in around $200,000. Our jury returned a verdict of $600,000, which proved Focus Graphics’ process is spot on. Just as important, the court granted us every penny in costs, bringing the total judgement to $875k, so the actual cost to our client was zero because the defendant paid the cost of the animation. Thank you, Focus Graphics, for all of your hard work and insight.”

Photo of Will Sykes, Esq

~William Sykes, Esq., Las Vegas, NV | Claggett & Sykes Law Firm


Focus Graphics’ team of both medical and Hollywood illustrators and animators can design and deliver demonstratives for your case involving system failures, personal injury, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), medical malpractice or any other matter that needs to be conveyed in order to add value and results to your case.

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